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Vertical Turning Lathes

Morando vertical turning lathe ... huge in every respect.Our Morando vertical turning lathe ( VTL ) is most likely the largest and most capable of the precision heavy machining lathes in the west.

OM VTL  ...  this is our Little OMNot to be forgotten are our three very large Osaka Machine VTL.  Pictured here is our Little OM with a 120" swing and 60" under the rail.  Not big enough?  How about the South OM with a 40 foot swing and 96" under the rail.  If you have a taller part, our other OM has 120" under the rail.  These vertical turning lathes are very unique with extra large diameter turning capabilities.

Rounding out the heavy turning department are a pair of Niles and Bullard Cutmasters.



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